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  • She is the 2nd Eldest member of 2NE1
  • Born November 12th, 1984
  • She owns more than a thousand collection of shoes.
  • She has two younger siblings, Park Sanghyun (also known as Thunder or Cheondung) and Durami.
  • When she was still a celebrity in the Philippines, her father was involved in a scandal and caused Dara to pay his own debts. Her father then left them for his second family in South Korea where he has his own kids already and his mistress is younger than Dara.
  • She had a three year relationship with Joseph Bitangcol.
  • She was in a dating rumors with Hero Angeles, G-Dragon, Lee Donghae, Song Joongki and Kim Soohyun.
  • She has a net worth of $32 million as of 2020. She's the second richest female K-Pop idol.
  • She has been shipped to G-Dragon for more than a decade.
  • Her most recent ideal type is Nam Joohyuk.
  • She kissed Lee Minho for the music video of her debut solo song, 'Kiss'.
  • Lee Jongsuk played as her boyfriend in '"I Don't Care".
  • In 2020, she confirmed that she has stepped down as YG's Director of Communications.
  • She's currently appearing in Video Star as one of its fixed MCs.
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