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  • She is the eldest member of 2NE1.
  • She loves to eat, making it hard for her trainers to control her diet.
  • She wants to release a solo album.
  • Her favorite food is watermelon.[1]
    • She also is obsessed with corn.
  • She hates stomach exercises.[1]
  • She has three dogs[1]:
    • Choco, named for its chocolate-brown fur.
    • Tanchu (단추), a toy poodle named for its smaller left eye which Bom thinks looks like a button.
    • Summer, named to be similar to Bom's name (봄), which means "spring".
  • Her favorite songs on "Crush" are "Gotta Be You" and "Baby I Miss You".[2]
  • She was in a duo with Lee Hi that was called BOM&HI.


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